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That Which Jesus Must Do or Be

 Jesus must be in his Father’s house (about his Father’ business - NIV) (Lk 2:49)

Jesus must go through Samaria (Jn 4:4)

Jesus must preach the good news of the kingdom to other towns (Luke 4:42-43)

Jesus must not let man’s traditions about the Sabbath keep him from doing the work of God (Lk 13:16)

Jesus must do the works of God while it is day (while there is time) (Jn 9:4)

Jesus must go to Jerusalem (Lk 9:22)

Jesus must pursue a course that will culminate with his death in Jerusalem (Lk 13:33)

Jesus must stay at Zacchaeus’s house today (Lk 19:5)

Jesus must suffer many things (Mk 8:31) (Lk 17:25)

Jesus must be rejected by the elders, scribes, chief priests (Mk 8:31) and this generation (Lk 17:25)

Jesus must be delivered into the hands of sinful men (Lk 24:7)

Jesus must be numbered with the transgressors (Lk 22:37)

Jesus must be lifted up (Jn 3:14); killed (Mk 8:31); crucified (Lk 24:7)

Jesus must rise again on the third day (Mk 8:31, Lk 24:7, Jn 20:9) (be raised – Mt 16:21, Lk 9:22)

Jesus must enter into his glory (but only after he has suffered) (Lk 24:26)

Jesus must bring other sheep from another fold into the one flock (Jn 10:16)

Jesus must reign until death is destroyed (1 Cor 15:25)


Five Questions Worth Contemplating

Why must Jesus suffer many things?

Why must Jesus be rejected by the elders, scribes, chief priests, and this generation?

Why must Jesus be killed?

            In Jerusalem?

            At the hands of sinful men?

           While being numbered with transgressors?

           By being Lifted up on a Cross?

Why must Jesus rise again (Be raised)?

One Answer to Bind Them All

Matt 26:53-54 Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father, and he will at once send me more than twelve legions of angels? 54 But how then should the Scriptures be fulfilled, that it must be so?” … But all this has taken place that the Scriptures of the prophets might be fulfilled.” The n all the disciples left him and fled.


In light of what Jesus has done, what must we do to be saved, to draw near to God, to live lives according to his will and pleasure, to be all that we were created to be?

  1. We must believe in the Lord Jesus (Acts 16:31)
  2. We must believe on his name (Acts 4:12)
  3. We must be born again (John 3:7)
  4. We must believe that God exists and rewards those who seek him (Hebrews 11:6)
  5. We must decrease and He must increase (John 4:24)
  6. We must enter the kingdom of God through many tribulations (Acts 14:21)
  7. We must pay close attention to the message of salvation, lest we drift away (Heb 2:1-3)
  8. We must proclaim the Gospel to all nations (Matt 13:10)
  9. We must proclaim that repentance for the forgiveness of sins in his name to all nations (Luke 24:47)
  10. We, like Paul, must boldly proclaim the mystery of the Gospel (Eph 6:18-20)
  11. We must obey God rather than men (especially when it comes to proclaiming the Gospel) (Acts 5:29)
  12. We must celebrate when our lost brother or sister comes home (Luke 15:32)
  13. We must always pray and not lose heart (Luke 18:1)
  14. We must rely on the Holy Spirit to give us the words to say in our hour of trial (Luke 12:12)
  15. We must put to use the gifts and resources God has entrusted to us (Matt 25:27)
  16. We must help the weak by being willing to give generously (Acts 20:35)
  17. We must forgive (show mercy to) our fellow servants (Matt18:33)
  18. We must grant justice, mercy, and loving kindness to our fellow man (Matt 23:23 // Luke 11:42)
  19. We must not neglect our financial responsibilities to the people of God (Matt 23:23 // Luke 11:42)
  20. We must not think higher of ourselves than we ought (Romans 12:3)
  21. We must exchange our mortal bodies for immortal ones (1 Cor 15:53)
  22. We must appear before the judgment seat of Christ (2 Cor 5:10)

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